What Is Eye Twitching & Do You Have It?

You might have checked all the checkboxes of causes for eye twitching. Is eye twitching normal? Fatal? Serious? Severe? We will answer all that! But before let’s take a look at what is eye twitching…

Unwanted or involuntary flickering or twitching of the eyelid is scientifically known as ocular myokymia. Ocular meaning “of the eyes” and myokymia meaning “fine or flickering quivering and contractions of muscles”. 

Unwanted or involuntary constant flickering or abnormal blinking of the eyelid is eye twitching. It is also commonly called ocular myokymia. Ocular means, “of or connected with the eyes or vision” and myokymia means, “fine or flickering quivering, rippling, and undulating contractions of parts of muscle fascicles.” [1]

It can happen very often, or rarely, and can affect both the upper and lower eyelids. It can last seconds, hours and even days!

All of a sudden, you can experience an eyelid twitch and it might last minute, hours or longer than days.

Usually, a common eyelid twitch is harmless. 

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In case of the above signs, immediately seek a doctor’s guidance.


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