Your Pets Are REALLY Benefiting From The Lockdown

30 Apr 2020

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With COVID creating havoc around the world, and we confined to our homes struggling to adjust ourselves to the new way of living, the pets in our homes seem to have coped with our lockdown routine quite well. In fact, they probably are having the best times of their lives.

Pets, especially dogs don’t like to be left alone for long. They usually express their sadness by barking or sitting quietly. They are much happier when surrounded by family members. Cats on the other hand though slightly independent by nature demonstrate similar need for love and care.

Oddly enough, this pandemic has grounded us and made us stop, think, cherish the little pleasures of life and reevaluate our priorities. Here’s a look at how pets are benefitting from the quarantine.

  1. Enjoy having all family members around

Since everyone is at home all the time, pets have been getting the attention of family members like never before.  They simply enjoy it when someone strokes their fur, massage their head or legs or cuddle them.

Anyone who ever owned a pet knows how thrilled the pet seems when it dashes to the door to greet us. And with the family members around 24/7, their feeling of contentment has risen all-time high. This pandemic period has helped strengthen and develop a meaningful emotional bond with the pets and vice-a-versa.

  1. Breathing fresh air

The nationwide lockdown has rendered a positive effect on air quality. With closed factories, no vehicles on the road and construction activities stopped, there has been a drastic decline in pollution levels. This has greatly contributed to the immunity of pets, especially those who develop asthma, bronchitis or diseases of the nose and throat when exposed to year-round air pollution.

However, it is equally essential for pet owners to keep a check on sources of indoor air pollution like smoking, cooking, etc., which could be harsh on pets.

  1. Regular training

Pets have been getting a regular dose of their training as well, which was hardly possible earlier due to the owner’s inability to invest time in their development. Most pet owners are teaching their pets new skills and tricks thanks to the innumerable training resources available online. It’s a great way to reinforce esteem, good health and behaviour in the pets and let them know what’s expected of them. Besides, the time and effort you put every day in training the pets will further strengthen your bond with them.

  1. Grooming time

Unlike the days when owners were too busy to give their pets a good bath or brush, or where grooming sessions were restricted to the occasional visits to the grooming parlour, pets are now being treated to a weekly bath, daily brushing, which pets seem to savour.

Regular grooming also helps keep your pets comfortable, relaxed and allows you to spot any lumps, bumps and injuries your pet may have before they take a serious turn.

Our pets were not accustomed to you being around them all day. While they are enjoying the present phase, experts suggest having some routine. The reason being when everybody gets back to work fulltime, the pets will be left behind and suffer from separation-anxiety related issues. However, amidst the crisis, the bonding between the family members and pets have strengthened significantly and made us realise that these sentient companions need our unconditional love and attention for sure.

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