It’s High Time India Starts Loving its Liver

29 Jun 2019

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It’s High Time India Starts Loving its Liver

Chronic liver diseases are prevalent globally accounting for 4.5% to 9.5% of mortalities, worldwide. In recent years, the number of deaths due to liver diseases has shown a steep rise around the world with a population greater than 50 million people suffering from some form of liver disorder. 1

Sadly the trends in India are no different with an expected of 1 in 5 people suffering from life threatening liver diseases like liver cancer.2 According to a statistic published by the WHO in May 2014, Liver Death Disease in India caused 21,6865 or 2.44% of total deaths in the country putting us at an unenviable 61st position in the world.3 Unfortunately in India the awareness on this subject is relatively inadequate to the point of neglect.2

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The Liver is the second largest human organ. It removes toxins in your body, controls cholesterol levels, fights infections, aids digestion among other key liver functions. Sadly, liver diseases don’t show any signs or symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage.

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Cancer and Cirrhosis are the key reasons for Liver disease-related deaths in India. Cirrhosis is a result of a variety of liver diseases and is characterized by fibrosis and architectural distortion of the liver.1

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The liver problem causes can broadly be grouped into two categories viz Alcoholic fatty liver disease & Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Chronic, excessive, and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol after a stage can lead to irreparable damage in the form of fatty changes, cirrhosis, and chronic inflammation thereby causing loss of healthy liver tissue and liver cells. The results can be fatal. An AIIMS study conducted between the years 2011-15 on 150 patients, found that 96 patients died even after every possible medical intervention was performed. The death rate among chronic alcoholics is around 64%, a figure much higher than the death caused due to liver failure by Hepatitis B, one of the most common liver infection causes in the country.4 It doesn’t bode well that social drinking, which wasn’t considered a very serious danger, is currently under intense scrutiny due to the growing influence of alcohol among teenagers and younger parts of the population.5

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For non-alcoholic fatty liver, the major risk factors apart from Hepatitis A & B infections, are obesity and lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes that build up in your liver and become a long-term diseases in your body. Non-alcoholic fatty liver is a major cause of concern for the health community as these may slowly overtake the cases of alcohol-related Liver diseases.6,7

But the good news is that the liver is one of the few organs of the human body that has the major regenerative capacity and ability to heal itself if necessary and timely intervention is performed.

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If you have so far been unconcerned about your liver, it’s time you start caring.

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