The Lockdown Series: Key 5 – Unlock The Monk

07 May 2020

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If there is one thing all the keys spell out loud and clear , it’s “Turn the GPS inward”.  And by that is meant a complete ‘You’ turn  with a sharp focus on self-reflection and inner wisdom.

Yes the markets are down, businesses are bleeding, medical emergencies are the new normal- yet in all this mayhem, there is one road that is still yours for the taking. The road to self. And here we are, people, the opportunity of a lifetime to hard-stare at yourself and make that commitment to change, discard what’s not working and adopt the new.

Less is more

So begin with a good look around you. Do the scariest thing- open your wardrobe and chances are, reality will hit you straight in your face: do you really need everything in there? The outfits, statement pieces, casual bulk, the forgotten accessories once bought under the duress of a ‘sale’, the shoes, the decor of the house, all the elements in it- Simply ask the question: “How much of it all do I really need?” It’s time for us to change into active advocates of ‘minimalism’ rather than the hoarding herd. 

Sanitise- the mind

Having done the task ruthlessly in your immediate physical space, now’s the time to move the needle to the mind. Do you know how much the human mind can store in terms of negative emotions, fears, phobias, experiences -all of which amounts to ‘excess baggage’? Now’s the time to empty the mind of all the mental agony that doesn’t serve you anymore. You don’t need Harvard papers to consult – in order to start the process. It’s simple. “Open, Release, Forgive, Mend, Stay open”.  Try it. It’s an excellent recipe for cleaning up the pests from the mind. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to travel light! 

The ‘Now’ mantra

Never before has mortality stared at us so closely. And thank god for that. Maybe it is a reminder to befriend the ‘now’. The pursuit of tomorrow has been rendered meaningless. Whatever you have, it is right here, right now. There is no getting away. So make a to-do list for the moment and make sure it doesn’t get away without it being lived well, lived fully, lived meaningfully. In other words , let’s not procrastinate ‘living’!

Fasten your dream belt

The world’s greatest ideas began with a thought. So yes, while your physical mobility has come to a halt, you can still fly. It’s time to visualise your intentions. Give them shape, colour, form if you like. Athletes use this technique successfully today. Go on and make that dream board – of whatever you intend for your life. The canvas is out there, all you need are your very own master strokes. It’s like placing an order in the universal kitchen and allowing it to be baked to perfection.  

When all this is over, what will matter is how you chose to use the GPS- So what if the roads are closed? The highway to yourself is open and free. So go full throttle.

And while you undo the brakes, think for a moment …

Did you ever imagine you could be both- the lock and the key?!

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