The Supplement that Includes Anti-Oxidants AND Boosts Your Work Out ALA!

28 Jun 2019

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The Supplement that Includes Anti-Oxidants AND Boosts Your Work Out ALA!

Working out is important and necessary but it can only get you so far. The key to increase even more stamina, strength, and muscle: Alpha Lipoic Acid. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is an organic compound found inside the mitochondria — also known as the powerhouse of the cell — where it helps enzymes turn nutrients into energy. Even more importantly, it has powerful antioxidant properties. Other antioxidants work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E). But Alpha Lipoic Acid is both fat and water-soluble. That means it can work throughout the body. It is capable of exerting effects on glucose uptake, insulin metabolic pathways, liver protection, and gastric protection from the effects of alcohol. ALA is also seen as an anti-aging compound since it can reverse some of the oxidant damage related to the effects of aging.” 1


Benefits for Gym Enthusiasts & Weight Lifters

For gym-goers and weight lifters (ALA) is very important because it stimulates muscle growth and also protects your red blood cells from damage. ALA allows your muscle’s glucose level intake to increase and reduces the amount of glucose fat cells consume, so you get more muscles than fat. 2


Natural Sources of ALA

Our body only produces a small amount of ALA. Food sources such as animal tissue, especially organ meats like the liver, kidneys, and heart are the largest alpha lipoic acid sources. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, flaxseed oil, chia seeds, and walnuts are less ALA rich foods. 3


Setu’s Natural ALA Supplement

With our current unhealthy lifestyle, processed foods, and pollution we often lose out on such important properties that our bodies need to grow and keep healthy. This is why taking Setu’s natural alpha lipoic acid for muscle growth is important. Alpha lipoic acid sources must be included in our diets because it is a valuable, multi-versatile nutrient that protects blood sugar levels, helps the mitochondrial synthesis of energy, protects liver and nerve function, and supports longevity, which is why it is essential for you. Although Alpha lipoic acid natural sources are an unstable product, Setu’s expertise in nutrients and awareness of the product has allowed us to create a stable and efficacious Alpha Lipoic Acid, which contains 300 gms of ALA in one capsule. For example, broccoli contains about 1 mcg per gram of ALA. This means that 50 mg = 50,000 mcgs of ALA. Identical to that found in food but synthesized, Setu’s capsule is the equivalent of 300,000 grams of broccoli or the equivalent of 300 kilos of broccoli!


Added benefits to proper ALA consumption

  • alpha lipoic acid for muscle growth Protects muscles from exercise-related stress & supports healthy body weight. 
  • ALA rich foods Encourages normal thyroid hormone levels. 
  • food sources of alpha lipoic acid Upkeeps healthy nerves. 
  • ALA sources in food Encourages normal heart health. 
  • alpha lipoic acid sources Supports the liver. 
  • Alpha lipoic acid natural sources Supports a strong brain and sharp memory. 
  • Boosts healthy skin & promotes healthy aging
  • Maintains healthy blood glucose levels




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