These AMAZING Herbs Will Boost Fertility In Men

Today, men and women are constantly exposed to factors which affect their fertility and ability to conceive. In fact, infertility is a growing problem globally. Studies [1] show that the sperm count in western men has dropped to almost half in the last four decades.

Our bodies and minds are under constant inevitable stress from factors that are often out of our control. With our modern and busy lives, stress is a common problem these days. Among other various serious health problems, psychological stress and infertility are closely linked. The fact that infertility in itself is stressful does not help the cause. In this article, we’ll talk about some amazing herbs to increase male fertility.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is complex and can be caused by a variety of factors. Drug, tobacco and alcohol usage may also lead to fertility problems. Stress, depression, and obesity are known to impair it further. Moreover, men who tend to smoke have lower sperm count and reduced sperm motility.

The health of a sperm is defined by its quantity, motility and morphology. Overexposure to industrial chemicals, radiation, and heat can reduce sperm production and function. While some cases of infertility are not treatable, it can be improved, sometimes even prevented, with some lifestyle changes and a healthy diet that includes natural herbs.

Here’s a look at the seven best natural herbs for male fertility and improved sperm health.

Along with these herbs, it is also important to make some lifestyle changes. These include incorporating regular physical activity into your daily life, as well as avoiding alcohol and smoking.


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