We know that picking supplements is a little harder than buying clothes online.

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We recommend beginning with our Sense Test. It takes five minutes to complete, and will give you personalized recommendations based on your lifestyle, goals, and information about you like your age, weight, and any health issues you might have.
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You can. We even have supplement combos that can help you reach your health goals more holistically. Click to check them out.

Several of our products are vegetarian, and we mark them with the vegetarian sign. It looks like this .
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Every Setu product is rigorously tested for its purity and the potency of all its active ingredients. We also conduct random tests during and after manufacturing to ensure that no heavy metal or microbial content is present in any of our supplements.

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If you have a serious condition or take medication, we recommend that you speak to a healthcare professional before ordering our supplements.

Yes, as long you’re aware of their health history. Make sure they follow the instructions!
Note: Most of our products are not intended for children. Please check the label and information on our product pages before purchasing for a child.

Nope. Our products are designed to be safe when taken according to the exact guidelines stated on the label.
If you have a preexisting medical condition, please consult a healthcare professional before taking Setu supplements.

Our supplements work when they’re taken consistently and over time. They’re meant to support your health.
We recommend taking them for a minimum of 1 month to see their effects.

Not yet. Our formulations are unique and proprietary, and can only be bought online for now.

That isn’t a problem, just remember to take the next one and go from there.

Our supplements work when they’re taken regularly, and they’re less effective if they’re only taken once in a while.
If you’re not taking one every day because you forget to, we have a fix. We send a daily supplement log with all our products, which can help you make sure you don’t miss a dose.

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