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The Honest Nutrient

We employ both science and nature
so that you can go beyond your nutritional glitches.


200 years of knowing nature. A century of expertise in extraction and manufacturing. 200 years of delivering quality. Setu carries the hallmark of expertise in the universe of dietary supplements. In fact OmniActive , our parent company is the ingredient supplier of choice to innovators across the dietary supplement and functional food sphere.

Legacy of Setu
The 'You' formula

From your paranoia about side effects to ‘funner’ ways of consuming our products, we’ve got the pulse on ‘you’. Choose a fizzy drink, power-packed capsules or chewables, our ever-evolving products are designed to deliver total nutrition with ease. Add to that higher bioavailability through every product. No compromises for ‘you’.


You think you can live with the occasional burp or a strained muscle. Our experts think you need not! We’re listening to your changing nutrition needs and constantly devising solutions through natural products, personalised counsel and thoroughly researched and ‘dived-into’ insights so that you do more and live more.

Personalised nutrition
Backed by science

It’s the ‘re’ in research that creates the rigour in the scientific and emotional development of our products. International standards coupled with Indian sensibilities embrace the genius of science to deliver high efficacy and safety. From patented delivery methods for better bioavailability and clinically studied natural ingredients, all of our supplements are born in labs for your well-being.

Natural Ingredients That Work

Our natural is the new potent

Our Ingredients

Backyard herbs? That’s not us. From turmeric to garcinia, coffee bean and coconut oil, to name a few, our natural ingredients are sourced through meticulous research and actives extracted with scientific methods to ensure they provide the most potent nutrition.

  • Clinically researched
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Superior bioavailability

Our Products

Natural Nutrition Solutions

Touching lives, one honest nutrient at a time

Years of legacy
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Natural extracts
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