Fitness or Fatigue: 5 Signs Your Weight Loss is Unhealthy

23 Oct 2019

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Scroll through social media and you will find many posts on (hashtag) body goals. It is inspiring enough to finally make use of your gym membership or throw away last night’s leftover pizza. While it is crucial to follow a healthy lifestyle, how do you know if the weight loss is making you fit or fatigued?


You try hard to stick to that juice cleanse or the cabbage soup diet, but you might be doing more harm to your body than helping it. Read more to find out if you’re on the path to being healthy or sickly.

Keep the Healthy Fat

Just by “looking lean” or losing kilograms, you can’t determine if you are on the right path. For that, you need to understand the body’s mechanism of losing fat.

Everything you consume ­­- cheat cookies, processed noodles, a fresh salad, and even multivitamin supplements, get stored in the body’s tiny fat cells. Like a sponge, they accumulate nutrients and toxic items. Your body discards most of these when you visit the washroom, but the cells store a small percentage. The only way to clean your body of toxins is to lose the unhealthy part of each fat cell and keep the healthy fats needed for energy.

If you eat right and workout, you can lose all the fat cells over time, and as a result, be lean. This process varies from person to person, which means some lose weight faster than others, but this is the only way to do it right, as it is sustainable as compared to dropping the weight fast.

Unhealthy Weight Loss

If you’ve ever read about a diet or a pill that makes you lose 10 kilograms in 10 days, it might be harming your body, irrespective of the weight loss. You are losing your muscle mass, and becoming weak and dull. Here are the signs of unhealthy weight loss:

1. Dull skin and Premature ageing

When you suddenly lose a lot of weight, your skin loses its elasticity and tends to droop. This is because your body is starving and using muscles instead of fat to fuel itself causing loss of muscle mass. In the long run, this causes wrinkles and dark circles that may be hard to get rid of.

2. Nutrient Loss

Instead of healthy sustenance, your body goes into survival mode when you are starving or eating wrong. This means you lose important vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Furthermore, no one nutrient is more important than the other, it is the right combination that works. If you solely cut carbohydrates, fats or fibre, you are making your body weaker. Hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue, and a compromised immune system are a few signs of this.

3. Unexplained Blues

Did you know that your stomach is responsible for your moods? Your gut is known as the second brain and can curb anxiety and depression. With an unhealthy diet, your stomach stays empty or gets limited nutrition, so you can imagine what it does to your mood. You might be cranky and anxious even with minor discomfort.

4. Slow Metabolism

Imagine going from 2000 to 3000 calories a day to 500 or 1000 calories, your body slows down the metabolism to conserve the limited energy it is getting from calories. If you continue fad diets for a long time, you could be slowing down your weight loss process in the long run.

5.Quick Weight Gain

The weighing scale might show results, but soon after, your body goes on a rebound trying makeup for the nutrient loss. You might give in to your cravings and eat more, quickly gaining the lost weight.

Always remember what your goal is – to be healthy or be thin. While the latter might look good right now, it is ruining your chances for a long term, consistent weight loss. Instead of fad diets, painful workouts, and toxic diet pills – opt for a sustainable food plan, light and effective exercises, and healthy dietary supplements like Setu Lean Lite.

It has natural extracts like Garcinia cambogia, Green Tea, and Green Coffee Bean that help in weight loss. Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) found in Garcinia cambogia makes the diet and exercise more effective for weight loss. It pushes the body’s thermogenic activity, suppresses the appetite, and arrests LDL production (bad cholesterol).

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