Confidential Top Secrets to eating right, even when you travel

29 Jun 2019

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Confidential Top Secrets to eating right, even when you travel

If you think following your diet plan or eating healthy is the last thing you can do when you are out on an important work-trip or your well-deserved holiday, well its time to change that little thought.

And set your mind on a new thought – You can eat healthy food while traveling and add ‘eating right as a travel essential’ in your travel itinerary. While you are maxing out on that meeting at the terminal or if you are hungry after completing the most amazing tour of the museum in Paris, here are some easy to follow ideas that will keep you on the “eating healthy on vacation” track. Sounds good? It is.


You’ve got that flight to board, you’re waiting to get into your hotel room, waiting in the queue or you are in a conference and not sure when are you going to break for your next meal. Wondering how to eat healthy when traveling like this? Pack snacks in your bag! Fox nuts, dark chocolate, boiled egg whites, sliced cucumber, carrots, fruits, a seed mix, a nut mix, or a cup of yogurt.

Healthy snacks can come to rescue when you are feeling hunger pangs and sustain you until you find something fulfilling to eat. Remember these smart tips on how to eat healthy while traveling so that you don’t end up gorging on the first burger you see but have enough fuel to go find something that doesn’t attack your weight loss goals.

Find a grocery store not a fast food joint


When you step out to find something to eat don’t pause at a fast food joint. Healthy eating while traveling means going to a grocery store and simply expanding your options to pick the foods you can eat.

You can pick packs of tofu, cottage cheese, goat cheese & multigrain bread, protein bars, salad packs, almond milk tetra packs, yogurt, hummus, olives, oat milk, and fruits. And some local grocery stores can have healthy local food that you may not have tried before. So go for it!

Find a grocery store not a fast food joint


One of the most important tips for how to eat healthy when traveling includes Eating at regular intervals and keeping your metabolism running at a good speed. Eating large meals at longer intervals slows down the metabolism and signals scarcity of food to the body. This results in most nutrients getting stored as fats since the body feels it may not get fuel for a long time.


Increase your protein intake. Keep the carbs low. It will help you stay leaner. And keep you fit. Choose more lean proteins like grilled chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese, peas, lentil soups, fish and protein shakes.

Carry your protein supplement to keep up your protein intake optimal. And keep those muscles nourished and the fats in balance. Do add good greens and reds to your meals to keep your gut happy.

Drink lots of water


Keep sipping water. Hydrate your body. You will have fewer cravings. And beautiful skin is only a bonus if your body is well hydrated. A good supply of water to the body even helps it detox easily. Keep a small bottle with you all the time. Refill it if need be. You can even pick a bottle of water from a store. There are plenty of them available.


So while you are traveling your body may miss important nutrients from the meals you eat. There may also be problems of bloating, acidity, or indigestion due to unforeseen reasons. A good way to counter this is to supplement your body with a good probiotic. Setu’s YourGut is filled with 15 billion rich bacteria from 9 strains that give your immunity and digestion a turbo boost.

You can keep all your weight loss progress and no mental stress while you are on the move. Stay conveniently committed to your diet and healthcare with no trace of sinful guilt. As you zip around cities Eat well, Pray humbly and Love yourself for the effort.

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