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13 Nov 2019

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Gone are those days when losing weight meant months of bland salads – the new way makes you drop sizes with a bit of spice. Yes, we mean that literally! A recent study [1]  found that capsicum (chilli family) extract promotes weight loss when followed with your regular diet and exercise. Now that’s a fun way to get in shape! Learn more about this fabulous nutrient here.

What Is Capsicum Extract?

While capsicum is used as a vegetable for your daily lunch (and as delicious pizza toppings), actually it is a type of pepper. It belongs to the family of plants that give you green and red chilies, jalapeños, as well as cayenne and habanero peppers. While these are spicy, capsicum is comparatively bland. However, all of them contain capsaicinoids, capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, and nonivamide. Out of these, the magic weight-loss component is capsaicin, which gives that burning sensation when you bite into a chilli.

Besides weight loss, capsaicin in capsicum also helps in:

  • Pain relief (it is used in many gels and patches) [2]

  • Calming gastrointestinal issues [3]

  • Lowering high blood pressure [4]

  • Reducing inflammation [5]

Capsicum For Weight Loss

There are two ways in which capsicum aids in weight loss. First, capsaicin has lipolytic properties, which makes it ideal for managing and treating obesity. It arrests the lipid accumulation in adipose tissue (fat storing tissue) and promotes the using fats as energy. This helps lose unhealthy fats and provides more vigour to the body.

Another key way that capsicum helps in weight loss is through thermogenesis. It means that capsaicin helps your body heat-up from the inside (how you feel when you bite into a hot pepper). It gradually increases the resting core temperature of your body. This makes your metabolism work hard to cool the body back to its resting temperature, as a result, burning more calories.

According to a study [6], capsicum helps get rid of the tough fat on the stomach and waist too. Capsicum also has essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, K, B12, and B6, it is also rich in dietary fibre, magnesium, and potassium. These components promote overall health while you lose weight, so you don’t feel fatigued. It even has antioxidants that help fight oxidative stress caused by highly-reactive free radicals of the environment. The oxidative stress is responsible for neurological disorders.

Consuming Capsaicin From Capsicum

The amount of capsaicin in capsicum depends on the type of pepper, where it’s grown, how much it is processed, etc. Hence, you cannot know the exact amount of the extract you will get when you consume it. Plus, if you cook capsicum it may lose most of its top nutrients. Hence, one of the best ways to add this to your diet is through capsaicin supplement, also known as Capsimax®. It is a concentrated version of this nutrient and comes without any side effects of heartburn and excessive heat, that may happen with chilies.

A great capsaicin supplement is Setu Lean Lite. Besides the goodness of capsicum, it also contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, and Green Coffee Bean. Together, these nutrients help curb cravings, increase metabolism, and promote healthy weight loss. Add this to your daily diet and fitness regime to see amazing results.








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