This Is What Sleeping Well REALLY Does To Your Body

01 Feb 2020

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Remember, when as kids, our parents used to force us to take naps and sleep early? However, we always turned a deaf ear to them, and now as adults, we steal time from our daily routine to snooze for a few minutes. This is because we are juggling between professional tasks, personal chores, socializing, and hobbies. Amidst all this one of the first things that get compromised is sleep.

How long has it been since you had a peaceful, eight hours of sleep without interruptions or screen time? This isn’t just to rest and be fresh, but your body parts and systems also need sleep, and benefit tremendously from it. We tell you how getting some shut-eye helps boost your body to function better.


  1. Brain [1, 2]

Improves Memory

Helps You Focus

Makes You Smarter

Aids Mental Health

  1. Hair [3]

Boosts Growth

Makes Them Strong And Shiny

  1. Skin [4]

Repairs and Replenishes

Slows down aging

  1. Heart [5]

Lowers Cholesterol

Maintains Diabetes

Controls Blood Pressure

Reduces inflammation

Makes you stress free

  1. Immune System [6]

Boost Infection Fighting Power

  1. Liver [7, 8]


Helps Blood Circulation

Reduces Blood Sugar

Boosts Metabolism

  1. Weight-loss [9]

Reduces Cravings

Regulates Appetite

  1. Reproductive System [10]

Promotes Fertility Hormones In Men & Woman



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