Meditation: An Underrated Way To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

19 May 2020

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Almost every human desires an exciting, fulfilling, intimate, and sensual sexual experience with their partner. It is good, most of the time, but there are also times when the libido is down to zero. There could be a number of reasons behind it, stress, low energy, problems in the relationship, etc. When you hit such a spot, you try to improve the sexual experiences, to ignite that spark, and to relive the excitement. Roses, candles, wine, and surprises, we’ve tried it all. 

When nothing worked, you must have also tried heavy medications to bring back the spark, but sadly, they come with side effects that we don’t want. Well, there’s still hope. Did you know that meditation can increase your libido? We wouldn’t blame you, if you have a hard time believing this fact. For centuries, we’ve associated meditation to asceticism and monks, perhaps why it took us this long to get around and explore its effects and benefits on sex and sexual desire. 

Amazing sex may seem like the most unlikely benefit of meditation, but it is a proven fact now. A number of researches and studies have shown that meditation can improve sex drive [1]. This is how. 

Meditation Boosts Sex Drive Hormone

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA is the most important element for the sex drive in both men and women. From the age of 25, this hormone starts dropping every year. It is a natural process and happens in every human being. With the slow decline of DHEA, testosterone and estrogen levels start dropping too. This strikes the onset of lowering libido. There are supplements and pills available to deal with this problem, but according to experts, the risks and side-effects of these supplements outweigh the benefits. On the other hand, meditation is a safer and more effective alternative to solve this problem. Researches show that meditation increases DHEA levels by 40% [2]. 

Meditation Tackles Distraction

Human sexual arousal is a dynamic interaction between physiological and psychological aspects. Being distracted in the middle of the act can kill the mood of both, and it is often frustrating. Such distractions are often caused due to stress, performance pressure, or more severe underlying conditions like anxiety and depression. Mindfulness meditation has been independently found to improve all of these psychological distractions, which in turn improves the sexual experience [3].

Meditation Is Associated With Relationship Wellbeing

A healthy relationship results in a great sexual experience, and a satisfactory sex life keeps a relationship healthy. Meditative and mindfulness skills help individuals to observe and contemplate their own thoughts and feelings before reacting to it or drawing a conclusion out of it. People who practice meditation regularly are often less stressed and have a happy relationship with their partners. These are a few contributing factors in increased libido in an individual [4]. 



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