Eye Max

Protects eyes from harmful blue light and reduces dryness.

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Eye Max

Protects eyes from harmful blue light and reduces dryness.

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In today’s day and age, you are exposed to screens almost all day long that emit the harmful blue light. Setu Eye Max is a health supplement that gives a daily dose of potent carotenoids and vital nutrients that protect the eyes against this blue light. It contains the clinically proven Lutemax2020®, along with bilberry extracts and beetroot extracts, which is known to relieve eye strain, moisturize dry eyes and reduce eye fatigue while enhancing visual acuity and night vision.

Filters Harmful Blue Light

Moisturises Tired Eyes

Improves Sleep Quality

What To Expect?/How Does It Help You?

  • Filters Harmful Blue Light

The retina of the eye is particularly vulnerable to the blue light emitted from screens of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Lutein and zeaxanthin, also known as eye vitamins, are a category of carotenoids that protect the vision, against blue and UV light. Additionally, they also enhance the eye reducing strain on them, and helps fight against retinal macular degeneration, blurry visions, or cataracts.

  • Moisturises Tired Eyes

After the end of the day, often you find that your eyes are strained and tired. To soothe and moisturize them, Setu Eye Max is ideal. It helps alleviate the discomfort of eyes with the help of zeaxanthin and NAG a precursor of hyaluronic acid, which lubricates the eyes. Additionally, the bilberry extract that has anthocyanins helps the vision under low light and provides protection against age-related eye disorders.

  • Improves Sleep Quality

Have trouble sleeping, your screens might be the culprit. Setu Eye Max relaxes the eyes and protects against the strain of the blue light of the screens. As a result, it helps support quality sleep, which is a must-have for your body to relax and recharge. Frequent exposure to high energy blue light from digital screens excites the brain and prevent users from falling into a natural, restorative sleep.

What Does Science Say?

  • In published clinical studies, Lutemax® 2020 has been proven to promote healthy eye function by an increase in macular pigment density and improvements in Photostress Recovery and Glare which are direct indicators of improvements in visual performance and reduced visual fatigue.  Read More
  • Supplementation with Bilberry has shown improvements in subjective symptoms of eye fatigue, ocular fatigue sensation, ocular pain, eye heaviness, uncomfortable sensation, and foreign body sensation.
    Read More
  • N-acetyl glucosamine is a precursor of hyaluronic acid which lubricates the eyes by better corneal wound healing and increasing moisture content in the eyes. Read More

Product USP

Patented Lutemax® 2020
Lutein and Zeaxanthin are combined in the patented Lutemax®. The two most important carotenoids for vision are packed in a 5:1 ratio of Lutein to Zeaxanthin.

Clinically validated
This product is made with high-quality ingredients and does not have any side effects.

Sustainably Sourced
The ingredient Lutemax® 2020 is extracted from marigold flowers which are sustainably sourced to help secure our supplies and reduces risk and volatility in our raw material.


Have questions? Refer to a comprehensive list of queries below.

What Is Blue Light & How Does It Affect My Eyes?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that has higher penetration potential within the eye as compared to other colors and therefore its continuous exposure can be potentially harmful to the retina. Blue light is emitted by most screens we are exposed to through the day including our mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

What Are Eye Vitamins?

Lutein and zeaxanthin also known as “eye vitamins” are a category of carotenoids that have specific beneficial effects for vision – like protection of your eyes against harmful UV rays or blue rays we are frequently exposed to from computers, mobile phones, etc. Additionally it also gives protection against retinal macular degeneration, blurry visions or cataracts.

What Is Bilberry? How Does It Help My Eyes?

Bilberry is a plant that comes from the same family as blueberry and its rich in anthocyanosides, which are flavonoids that have an affinity for the visual purple region of the retina, which is an area of the eye responsible for light and dark vision adaptation. Thus, it helps your eyes focus while involved in different activities during the day and night.

What Is NAG? How Does It Help My Eyes?

N-acetyl glucosamine or N-AG is a naturally occurring, specialized form of glucosamine absorbed into our body and required for different metabolic functions. NAG is the basic building block for hyaluronic acid, the polymer by which NAG’s ocular health manifests. NAG is a powerful stimulator of Hyaluronic Acid synthesis inside the body. Recent studies indicate that N-AG present in the outer protective layer of the retina is essential for the maintenance of healthy vision and protection against age-related eye disorders.

Is This Product Natural and Vegetarian?

Yes, it has plant-sourced ingredients that are sourced sustainably. For instance, Lutein and Zeaxanthin have been sourced from pure marigold extract, while bilberry comes from the blueberry family.

Are There Any Medical Conditions or Medication That Should Not Be Used in Conjunction with This Supplement?

It is advisable to consult your physician prior to taking supplements if you are pregnant, lactating, or suspect any medical condition.

Should This Be Taken with Food And/Or Water?

Do not take on an empty stomach, nor exceed the dosage recommendation. For optimum absorption, consume with a meal.

Label Information

Take one tablet daily with meals for optimal absorption.

Keep the bottle tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place (15-25 C). To be stored out of the reach of children. Not to exceed recommended daily use.

For adults only. Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant, lactating, trying to conceive, taking medication or have a medical condition. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, MITIGATE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.


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