Why orally dissolving strips are the best way to get your daily nutrition

Published On 2 Dec 2021
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Supplements make up for deficiencies in our diet and give our body a regular supply of all the nutrients it needs. While supplements can be consumed in the form of tablets, capsules and even tonics, orally disintegrating strips (ODS) are the latest and best way to consume them. Want to know why? Read on to find out.


Advantages of orally disintegrating strips

Orally dissolving strips or mouth dissolving strips do what their name suggests – they dissolve in the mouth, or to be specific, when placed on the tongue. Your saliva causes the strips to disintegrate and the medicinal components in the strips are absorbed into your body through the cells inside your mouth.

ODS have many benefits over tablets and capsules which are:

Faster absorption: ODS dissolve quickly in the mouth and their medicinal components get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Since the drug doesn’t pass through the liver, as is the case  when you consume a tablet, the “bioavailability” of the drug remains unaltered. This means that your body derives all the benefits the drug has to offer.

Dissolves quickly without water: Since ODS dissolve with the help of your saliva, you don’t need to drink water or any other liquid to consume them. So mouth dissolving strips are great for people who worry about choking while swallowing a tablet or capsule.

Portable: The strips are very convenient to carry around as they are thin and neatly packaged. Their compact design ensures that they  take up much less space in your bag or luggage than tablets or tonics would.

No side effects: Because ODS dissolve quickly, they tend not to cause side effects like acidity or ulcers as some other medications do.

Setu’s Orally Dissolving Strips

At Setu, we strive to make it easy for you to stay healthy. We provide a comprehensive range of effective and safe supplements so that you, our customers, are completely cared for. Recently, we took another leap in our wellness solutions by creating supplements that come as ODS. This revolutionary way of consuming supplements will make it easier for you to get your daily nutrition, and reap all of its benefits.

The products in our ODS range include:

Eye: Protect Strips which contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin,  vitamins that protect your eyes from blue light damage, improve  vision, moisturise your  eyes, and reduce strain on them.

Daily: Veg. D3 + K2 Strips improve bone health and strength, promote heart health and strengthen your immune system.

Daily: Multi Strips  help you get your daily dose of 11 key vitamins that boost your energy and improve your overall health.

Daily: Iron Strips are iron supplements which facilitate red blood cell formation, improve your immune response and help you stay energetic.

Hair: Strong Strips help fight hair fall, encourage hair growth, improve scalp blood circulation and strengthen hair.

Daily: Energy Strips will help you stay active and alert all day. They contain a blend of natural nootropics – cognition enhancing substances – that help build energy and focus.


1) How should orally disintegrating strips be stored?

Orally disintegrating strips need to be stored at room temperature in a dry place. Do not refrigerate them.

2) How should orally disintegrating strips be used?

Tear open the packet and place a strip on your tongue. Let it dissolve naturally. The absorption of the drug from these strips is faster than from any other form of orally administered drug.

3) What are mouth dissolving strips made of?

These strips are made of active pharmaceutical ingredients, stabilizing and thickening agents, saliva stimulating agents, colouring agents, superdisintegrants and permeation enhancers among other substances.

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